Whisper & Collection

Over the better part of the decade, I have observed the element of time speed up and conform to match the current palette of technology. Where, in an instant, the dissemination of an entire experience can be consumed in an abbreviated text or email. To decipher tone or emotional intent is left to the seemingly live cable wires the communication crosses. This new interpreter feels like an uninvited guest stepping in to further isolate us from one another. Far and few between are the precious moments of lingering over an entire afternoon with a close friend.

In this photographic series, I explore the desire to suspend time, to reveal our own natural cadence with our environment.  The photographs evolve from the conversation and interaction of a particular days visit with them. To reveal this very personal connection and discard inhibition, it often takes place at their home.  All elements are simplified, to strip away any preconceived concept.  A spontaneous series of photographs are born out of the intimacy of the moment and evolution of the day. I am honored to be invited in, to capture such a private world. For me, it is also a study in the human figure and the emotions produced by revealing the figurative form.

Each session differs in mood and style depending on how the subject feels about expressing their figure.  I try not to impose my own style, yet have a collaborative effort in the process of the day.   The connection allows the individual to poetically delve into a very personal experience as if it was left solely for them to imprint directly to the photograph.

Kara Delle Donne